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Rogers Law Firm Services: Land Conservation Planning
Attorney Rogers has a keen interest in the preservation of land. During his tenure on the New Hartford Board of Selectmen, he was instrumental with others in convincing the townspeople to acquire a large tract of land, now known as Brodie Park, on West Hill Pond, one of the state’s most pristine lakes.
Funlandia at Brodie Park
West Hill Pond from Brodie Park Beach
For six years, he chaired the Farmington River Wild & Scenic Committee and, after testifying in Washington before former Senator Bill Bradley, the river was designated as a National Wild & Scenic River. Attorney Rogers was a board member of The Connecticut Farmland Trust, Inc. and a part-time consultant to American Farmland Trust, assisting in land projects nationwide. Attorney Rogers is familiar with conservation easements, including the documentation, taxation and charitable aspects of easement donations.
Farmington River in New Hartford

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